Cupping therapy is often described as being like a reverse massage. Rather than applying pressure to the muscles, the cups use suction to gently pull the muscle fibres upward. The suction from cupping may cause temporary, localized redness due to fresh blood being brought to the surface. This redness is not harmful, nor a bruise and is very temporary.

Cupping effectively releases tension and blockage, due to the sustained pressure that encourages taut tissue to relax into new holding patterns, releasing both tight muscle and fascia.

When fascia is tight around muscles, it becomes more difficult to permanently reset the troubled areas. Cupping will encourage the separation of this fusion, helping to address the stubborn nature of muscle tension and misalignment


If you have stubborn, acute or chronically tight muscles and fascia, cupping may be for you.  In conjunction with massage and acupuncture, cupping is an amazing treatment to loosen up stubborn knots and muscle adhesions.