Yoga is an ancient yet innovative practice with roots anchored in the antiquity of Indus valley techniques and teachings that remain very much applicable to modern-day life. The goal of yoga is often posited as transcending body/mind awareness to reach a state of cosmic consciousness. Specific asanas (postures) are a method the practitioner employs to master the body’s movement and mental fluctuations and develop the ability to sit still for prolonged meditation. Asana opens and purifies the nadis (meridians) in the body so that prana (qi) may flow freely. Breath is the tool the yoga practitioner uses to work with prana: to direct energy to specific locations, sweep the mind of thoughts, and bring attention into the present. Steady breath allows the mind to focus and results in an unimpeded flow of energy throughout the body.

Asana practice is a time to let go, surrender to breath and embrace the moment, knowing that change is inevitable. Continuous focus on breath develops pratyahara, the ability to detach from one’s effort and body/mind fluctuations. Smooth, even breathing trains the mind to be present and allows peace and non-attachment to unfold.

Our classes and workshops combine vigorous vinyasa flows and beginner to advanced hatha forms with self-reflection and qi gong movements designed to remove blockages from the causal subtle and physical bodies. This yoga is a form of moving meditation, drawing awareness into the present to inspire recognition of basic freshness in every moment.


Private yoga lessons tailored to your needs allow you to receive the undivided attention of the instructor for an hour or more, after which you may find it possible to safely attempt or master poses or sequences you previously thought were beyond reach. Private yoga classes allow the instructor to take the time to show you how to grasp the mechanics of the poses and get into and out of every pose properly. Even in a few lessons you will see yourself becoming increasingly flexible and gaining confidence. If you wish for greater hip flexibility, you may customize an entire class of hip-openers. If you are experiencing overwhelming stress, you might work on your breathing and presence. Private yoga lessons can give you tools you can employ outside of off the mat. The best thing private yoga instruction can give you is the circumstance to help you see yourself from a fresh perspective, to go deeper to the place where your spirit radiates, and to help you shine that light outward for others to see.


“Meditation is one of the rare occasions when we’re not doing anything. Otherwise, we’re always doing something, we’re always thinking something, we’re always occupied. We get lost in millions of obsessions and fixations. But by meditating-by not doing anything—all these fixations are revealed and our obsessions will naturally undo themselves like a snake uncoiling itself.”

—Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

*Scorpion yoga photo by Mitch Aidelbaum